The Edgewood Inn Policies


Check-In: 3 PM

Check-Out: 12 PM

Please contact the Inn if you require a later check-out or a late-night check-in.


The Inn allows a child(s) up to 12 years of age to stay for free using the existing bedding. Rates are based on double occupancy. Additional guests will be charged $50 per night.


For rooms without trundle beds or pull-out couches, an additional mattress will be provided free of charge.


Any special requests must be emailed directly to the Inn via and are subject to availability and the Inn bears no responsibility should it be unable to fulfill certain requests.


The total number of occupants in a room, as defined as those over 12, shall not exceed the maximum number of occupants permitted for the respective room types:

King Room : up to 2 persons

Queen Room : up to 4 persons

If you have any questions or clarifications regarding the Inn’s Maximum Occupancy Policy, our staff will be happy to explain in detail. Please also note that the Inn reserves the right to refuse entry to any additional guest exceeding the maximum occupancy allowed for that room type.



Guests must be 18 years or older with photo identification to check-in. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The Inn reserves the right to check photo identification.


Unless otherwise stated in the specific rate plan terms & conditions, check-in time is after 3 PM and check-out time is 12 PM. The Inn will make every effort for late check-outs depending on room availability.



The Inn reserves the right to charge guests the cost of rectifying damage or soiling, caused by accidental, deliberate, negligent, and/or reckless act of the guest to the Inn’s property or structure.


The Inn shall not be liable for the loss of money or other personal valuables during your stay.


Guests are asked to park in the rear lot. Parking on the street is prohibited by the city.


The Inn is welcoming of friendly and well-behaved dogs. Please see our separate pet policy below.


The following items are not permitted in the Inn premises:

Flammable, explosive or otherwise hazardous materials

Objects emitting a foul odor

Unregistered firearms or other weapons

Objects of an unusually large size or in unusually large quantities

Articles related to use in gambling, prostitution, smuggling or other illicit acts

Illegal drugs or other articles, the possession of which is prohibited by law

The Inn reserves the right to refuse entry to any guest found to be in possession of prohibited items. Guests shall be solely liable and responsible for all loss financial or otherwise, and damage that may be caused by such items.



To ensure all guests enjoy the comfort and safety of the facilities we offer, the Inn upholds a strict zero tolerance policy towards commotion, excessive noise, and parties. Any person found to be on our premises creating excessive noise, having a party, exceeding the numbers of permitted guests, or otherwise causing a disturbance will be requested to leave the Inn without refund.


Should any action by a guest, may it be towards our staff or otherwise, be deemed inappropriate by the Inn, or if any inappropriate behavior is brought to attention, the Inn reserves the right, after the allegations have been investigated, to take action against the guest which may result in, but not limited to, being asked to leave without a refund for any services incurred.


The Inn and Peter Christian’s are smoke-free. Smoking is only permitted in the designated area behind the Gift Shop. There will be a $500 fee for thorough cleaning services charged to any room that has been smoked in to restore it back to its original condition.



If you are using your credit card to guarantee your room reservation, the Inn may hold an amount on your credit card prior to arrival. For non-refundable bookings, prepayment will be charged to your card prior to your arrival.

Deposit may be placed in cash or on a credit card at check-in time. For deposit using credit card, pre-authorization by the Inn may be required.


In the case of cancellation or modifications to reservations made through sources other than directly with the Inn or the Inn website, the Inn recommends that guests first contact their source of booking for assistance before contacting the Inn.


Guests who need to cancel a booking should contact the Inn as soon as possible. In the event of a cancellation, the following policies are in place. Cancellations made 3 days or more in advance of arrival will result in a full refund. Cancellations made 48 hours before will be charged 1 nightly rate. Should you leave the Inn before your designated departure, the Inn reserves the right to charge for the remaining stay. If your stay has been booked through a third-party site, their cancellation/non-arrival policies will apply. We understand unexpected things happen and will work to resolve these situations in a mutually beneficial manner.

Pet Policy

At the Edgewood Inn, we understand that your dog is just as much a part of the family as other members. We’re thrilled to be a pet-friendly and welcome dogs up to 100 pounds in select rooms. In order to ensure that all of our visitors have an enjoyable stay, we ask that guests traveling with their four-legged friends sign the policy below upon check-in.

I have read and agree to the following:

• My pet(s) weighs 100 pounds or less.

• I understand that only two pets are allowed per guest room.

• My pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date and he or she is free of fleas or ticks.

• My pet is not aggressive and is well-socialized with other animals and guests.

• I agree to clean up after my pet and properly dispose of any waste.

• I understand that my pets are not allowed on the furniture.

• My pet will be with me and under my care at all times as they are not to be left unattended on property.

• I agree to hang a ‘Pets are Welcome’ door hanger on my door at all times while my pet is inside. I understand that Housekeeping will not enter my room with an unattended pet inside. My pet must be restrained or removed from guest room while Inn staff is present working in room. I will assume responsibility for notifying the Front Desk if there are special times for servicing my room.

• My pet will be on a leash with a maximum range of six feet or in a carrier at all times when outside of the room.

• I understand that a one-time charge of $35 will be charged for necessary cleaning. I further understand that this fee does not include any additional costs which may result from damage or need for excessive cleaning of soiled linens, carpeting or furniture.

• I am aware that an additional charge will apply if excessive cleaning is necessary. I also agree that the condition of the room is based on the sole judgment of management upon my departure.

• As a pet owner, I am liable for any disturbances my pet causes to guests staying at the Edgewood. If guests complain of a disturbance, there will be a verbal reminder. On the second incident of a reported disturbance, the Edgewood may ask for the pet to be removed from the property. If you are required to leave, the remainder of your stay is not refundable.

• The Edgewood is not liable for any injury suffered by pet while on Inn premises.

• I accept full responsibility for any liability arising from my pet (pet damage or personal injury to Inn, Inn staff, guest, third party or property).

• I acknowledge that I have been informed of the Edgewood pet-friendly policies and procedures. I am aware that I may be responsible for additional fees if damage, excessive noise and/or flea infestation occurs during my stay.